4 T-Shirts for the loving 'other half' this Valentine's Day

4 T-Shirts for the loving 'other half' this Valentine's Day

So as we know the day of love will soon be upon us.

Yes many of you will say "everyday is a day of love" or "why does it have to be just one day for a day of love" (to name a few).

All very valid points I might add BUT however you feel about Valentine's day publicly, if you are in a relationship its always nice to do something from the heart on that day for your partner (as doing something from the heart you can never go wrong, regardless of the day).

So below are 4 shirts from www.movietvshowmerch.com


1) For The King

valentines day king t shirt

This t shirt works on a few levels:

a) It works for the guy who knows he is the king and this shirt can show that off

b) It also works if you want to show your guy that he is your king

c) It works for the guy who wants to show his partner and/or the world that he is your king

Also the fact its a fitted V neck, helps to show off the gun show (which most guys like to do).


2) His Queen

his queen t shirt

This t shirt also works on a number of levels but it's something that keep simply shows that you're his Queen and no one elses or alternatively its something for you to buy for your partner to show that she is your Queen.

Its also stylish and fitted with a scooped neck aswell.


3) Moon of My Life

 moon of my life t shirt

This one is for the Game of Thrones fan as they will certainly know the meaning of the words but also, how powerful, passionate and how an intial complicated relationship came to represent something that overcame all the odds (well kind of).

It has the 4 lines of Khal Drogo (as we know how he is admired by both sexes) and also house of Targaryen represented by a dragon (again we know how Khaleesi is admired by both sexes).


4) My Sun and Stars 

my sun and stars t shirt

Again this follows on from the previous t shirt, very similar in design apart from the colouring and layout.

This particular t shirt is a cropped shirt for the girl who likes that style and design for the girl who likes Khal Drogo and knows where hers his.


So there we have it 4 ideas of T-shirts from www.movietvshowmerch.com for your loved one this upcoming Valentines Day to check out other shirts in that collection they are here: Couples and Romance Collection

Have a great day today and have a brilliant Valentine's Day (whatever you find yourself doing).





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