5 T-Shirts for TV Show Lover and Binge Watcher

5 T-Shirts for TV Show Lover and Binge Watcher

Do you know someone who loves their TV Shows or are you that person that loves your TV Shows.

Well check out 5 T-Shirts below that from 5 great shows:


The Walking Dead Rick Negan T-Shirt

walking dead rick negan t shirt

The Walking Dead is one of the biggest shows still on TV at the moment and looks like it will still keep going (if the comic stories are anything to go by).

This walking dead t shirt is an exclusive at www.movietvshowmerch.com and comes in both mens and womens tops and is the comic book Negan vs TV Show Rick as the second part of the season 7 begins to hot up with these 2.

Who wins - It's On!

The Vikings TV Show T-Shirt

vikings tv show t shirt uk

The Vikings is a really strong show and a History Channel production and as luck would have it set in the time of the Vikings around 700 a.d or so.

It hasn't enjoyed the viewing numbers of the likes of The Walking Dead for obvious reasons however it has a really strong fan base who love it implicitly.

Again the above does come in both mens and womens shirts so that both fans can show off their love for the show and look good doing so over at www.movietvshowmerch.com

Sons of Anarchy T-Shirt

sons of anarchy t shirt uk

The Sons of Anarchy is show with a strong cast set in a fictional town in California centred around a gang/motorcycle club.

The show covers some real life topics and has that gritty feel to it yet it doesn't get as graphic as some other shows like Banshee, etc.

Once again the sons of anarchy t shirt like the others on this list does also come in various designs and styles of both mens and ladies over at www.movietvshowmerch.com

Stranger Things Upside Down T-Shirt

stranger things t shirt uk

Well what a show the first season of Stranger Things was/is.

This is a Netflix own production of summer 2016, now it had some marketing leading upto its release but nothing of note eg Game of Thrones, Westworld, Walking Dead etc.

All we knew was that it was a kind of 80's themed sci-fi show and had Winona Ryder in it.

Well for anyone who saw that show and has any love for the 80's also fell in love with the show as had so many nods to the 80's including easter eggs for movies and shows.

So any fan would recognise this stranger things upside down t shirt and if you aren't one yet then watch show and become one.

Check this shirt out over at www.movietvshowmerch.com

Westworld T-Shirt

westworld t shirt

Westworld, this show ended the year of 2016 with a real bang.

It was the big budget show based on the movie from 1973 with the same name where people would take out holidays to the park and live out their wildest fantasies with AI robots in a human form.

Its also from HBO just like The Game of Thrones and has many similar themes albeit in a more futuristic backdrop.

This T-Shirt shows off the menacing characters known as the Man in Black from both the original movie and show.

Again get your men in black westworld t shirt at www.movietvshowmerch.com


So there you have it 5 really cool, stylish looking T-Shirts based on some of the fans favourite TV Shows.

Also each heading will take you directly to the T-Shirt in the image and then once on the site either purchase that particular shirt or look at other designs for both men and women.

Enjoy and I look forward to you reading more of my articles.

Have a good day.



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