5 (Adult Themed) TV Show Boxsets You NEED To Watch To Keep You Warm This Christmas/Winter

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5 (Adult Themed) TV Show Boxsets You NEED To Watch To Keep You Warm This Christmas/Winter

Ok, so winter is coming (pun not and intended) - nights are getting darker, the weather is becoming colder (for alot us anyway).

So what better way to spend the cold, dark nights curled up on the sofa with a loved one, a pet or even just chilling by yourself than with a good boxset/tv show.

Now I am going to leave out The Game of Thrones and to a slightly lesser extent The Walking Dead out of this list, as these are huge in their own right, absolutely amazing and will probably be covered in another article

So without further ado below are 5 Adult Themed Shows (to confirm Adult Themes are nudity, violence, sex and swearing) in no particular order that I personally recommend:


Banshee t shirt show

Banshee, wow what a show, this is a show of incredible entertainment and yes has its own following and is absolutely loved by its fans, however I still dont feel its quite reached the popularity as it should have done.

Now, I will be keeping these mini reviews on the 5 shows spoiler free.

The show is set and starts in a small American town called Banshee, where a stranger comes into town and from the very first episode, starts with a bang.

From that first episode that then goes on to setup the whole show, we get to see the series flesh its back stories of various characters and is one of them shows that just gets better and better.

I have even thrown in the trailer for the 1st series to give you a flavour:


 Da Vinci's Demons

Da vinci's demons movietvshowmerch

 Again, this is a show that has been an incredibly entertaining watch.

Its a show that is set in the days of the man himself Leonardo Da Vinci as a young man using, wit, charm and intellect to foil various plans and follow his own.

This is for those that like their period pieces but have a 'bit of kick' to them (hence this being in the adult theme list).

It is for those who like Game of Thrones but its more science than magic BUT there are hints of supernatural.

Its been interesting watching this show as we get to see Leonardo's history played with, some factual and some of it very creativel to create something that is all in all a very good show.

Again, I have added a trailer for you:


Black Sails

 movie tv show merch black sails


There has been somewhat of resurgence of pirate entertainment from it being very hot with the original Pirates of the Caribbean (yes it was 2003) where it simmered but then became hot again with video game Assassins Creed - Black Flag and then in turn the aforementioned Black Sails.

Without fully researching the show I cant state how historically accurate any of the events are BUT there are a number of characters based on real people (which in itself always adds some real interest).

Black Sails was one that I had no real idea on and just randomly bought the blu ray one day with no real interest in pirates.

However the first few episodes will have you hooked as its many themes, storylines, characters just seem to grab you and pull you into that world wanting more.

Whilst watching this I felt it was as graphic as Game of Thrones in all areas (apart from White Walkers and Dragons etc) but with pirates and all wrapped up in a sunny Caribbean bow.


Magic City

magic city movie show merch


Magic City, this one is kind of a suprise on both sides of the coin really.

To clarify that point, on one hand, you would kind of expect it to be a bigger, more popular show than what it was being made by Starz and just looking at the 3 main male leads (especially Jeffrey Dean Morgan now of Negan fame) alone and thats not taking other things into consideration.

Then on the other side of the coin after watching the first few episodes it is actually better than what any preconceived ideas would be.

So Magic City is set in the late 50's and again as can be seen above has a very cool, sleek feel about it.

However as mentioned above after watching the first few episodes not only are you in a cool world but also one that is very murky, with gangsters, money sex and all of the other stuff that comes along with these themes.

Its certainly a combination of substance and style - if you liked Mad Men on any level you will love this on a different level and as Black Sails wraps everything in a sunny Caribbean bow, Magic City is wrapped in a sunny Miami bow.


Penny Dreadful

penny dreadful movietvshowmerch review

So Penny Dreadful, this show probably was/is the biggest of the shows on this list but I still feel it kind of went of under the radar for really being appreciated for the show it is.

However as suggested early on in this article, these shows are to watch over winter in the cold, the likes of Black Sails and Magic City take you to warmer climates, Penny Dreadful certainly doesn't.

Penny Dreadful keeps you in the UK, in the cold and dark with its themes and tone and for some, are happy to embrace that and for some who are in the hot climates want to come to a world, thats dark and cold to escape their own (everyone has their own tastes and preferences).

So Penny Dreadful is certainly the darkest of the shows on this list as not only does it deal with all the juicy themes that others do, sex, swearing, nudity etc it also takes you into the spiritual world of ghosts and demons.

One incredibly clever thing that it does, is that takes alot of literary characters especially from around the gothic era of the 1800's such as Frankenstein and his monster, Dorian Gray to name a few combined with other creatures/characters of classic horror and combines them in a way that takes you deep into a dark, sexy 18th century London rabbit hole.

So thats your list of adult themed shows that should keep you going and get you through winter/Christmas.

If you're watching alone, then by all means enjoy and indulge and get swept away to whatever world you wish and if you're watching with a partner/loved one then enjoy and I always welcome a thanks or 2.

Of course visit the store Movie TV Show Merch for some New and Exclusive shirts and accessories with some classic stuff in there aswell and keep coming back as new things are added regularly.

Have a good day.

Ray Cruise


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